Angela D. Wharton 2019 Legendary Honoree

Angela D. Wharton

Since 2011, Angela D. Wharton has been reassuring and strengthening survivors of sexual violence internationally. She is the Visionary Founder and CEO of Phynyx Ministries, Inc., a Christian-based non-pro­fit organization that provides a safe space for Women Sexual Assault Survivors to break their silence and receive the necessary support, tools, and education to pick up the pieces of their lives as they journey towards healing and restoration.

Angela is also an inspirational speaker and bestselling author. In her book, Life After the Silence: From Pain to Power to Purpose, she shares her compelling story of moving from victim to victorious as a two-time survivor of a sexual assault. In 2015, she testified before the Maryland State Attorney in support of the Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act, and was just recently recognized by the Attorney General’s Office for sharing her testimony to make rape kit testing mandatory in Maryland.

Angela D. Wharton is a woman of enormous faith, hope, wholeness and unconditional love for women worldwide.

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