Dr. Drai Awards Presenter

Dr. Drai

As one of the nation’s most acclaimed board-certified OBGYN physicians and surgeons, Dr. Draion Burch is an internationally recognized bestselling author, speaker, award-winning medical business coach, media personality, and concierge physician. Dr. Drai is also the founder and chief medical advisor of DrDrai.com and shares his medical knowledge via his YouTube channel, “Medical T.” Dr. Drai is also the owner of Amare Concierge—the new standard of healthcare for women.

Known for his big personality and business acumen, Dr. Drai has turned his wisdom into an online school, Medical Moguls Academy and Medical Moguls Mastermind, where he coaches doctors on how to monetize their medical expertise and turn their purpose into profit.

Learn more at www.DrDrai.com and www.MedicalMoguls.com